24, 24 Hours Ago [Part One]

I've had a crazy day or so. Thought I'd get it written down so I don't forget it. Apologies if this isn't the most riveting recap, but I promise it'll get interesting in Part Two. I'll preface this by noting that since Thursday I've been battling some sort of virus I can't quite get over. I might have to see the doctor soon. So all of the following happened while I've been functioning at less than 100 percent.

Kaelyn and Kelly were in Lexington over the weekend so I spent some considerable time on the couch watching basketball. I woke up early yesterday morning to drive out to New Richmond for a little Sunrise Service action. It was an interesting drive out as I travel along the Ohio River which was flooded. The fields where I've played soccer the past couple of summers were submerged under a few feet of water.

I haven't written much about the little church I've been preaching at on Sunday mornings, though eventually I will. The 150+ year old church consists of about seven people now who were excited at the thought of their first Sunrise Service in years. For those who have never been to one of these, it's a Protestant chance to get up at the butt-crack of dawn [when the empty tomb of Jesus would've been discovered] and then continue the celebration through the consumption of breakfast. Attendance swelled for this service, with fifteen people in attendance, highlighted by the guest singer who was American Idol-reject worthy. More interesting was the fact that the singer and her family were Seventh-Day Adventists, who believe that the Jewish Sabbath is the true day of worship and Sunday Christian worship is of the devil. I guess those rules fall by the wayside if there are pancakes being served.

I spent almost five hours at that little church yesterday and actually enjoyed myself. I returned home in the afternoon, still not feeling good, and fell asleep on the couch. Kelly and a very-sleep-deprived-Kaelyn made it back later, so I went off to church without them. Tim, Dale and I made sure things were set up for the service and I went home to pick up the girls.

Switching up the time-line for a second, we had a good Easter service. Since we're a church that meets on Sunday nights, the emphasis on the major holidays at Echo is less than at most churches. Attendance is usually lower. Still, we had a great worship gathering. Tye and Andrea played/sang together and the musically worship was amazing. I wasn't very good, but I enjoyed the message I prepared and had a great night worshipping with our community.

But it was when I picked up Kelly and Kaelyn that things got interesting. I'll pick that up in the next post.