Primary Colors

Obama or Hillary? Apparently that's the only question being asked of us. I guess since we live in a predominantly Democratic district, McCain and Huckabee aren't interested in our votes. I guess it could be that the Republican nomination is already decided but, still, the Dems are working overtime on us.*

We had two different groups knock on the door in the last three days to shill for their presidential candidate [a group of canvassers were from Lexington, Kentucky].** We have numerous mailers and door hangers that went straight to the trash. A few month ago, both Kelly and I received phone calls from candidates as well.

I'm ready for this to be over with.

Oh, but this is only the primary. Even more fun for the general election this fall.

I've been thinking lately how passionate people are for their candidate. They'll spend money and personal time to work . Sure I respect them for getting involved in our country's political process, but I wonder what our world would be like if people were as involved in the social causes they want their candidates to solve.

Sorry, just a smidge of skepticism here on election eve.

*If you do vote the Democratic ballot tomorrow, you should know that it won't just be Hillary and Obama listed. You still have your choice of all the Dems who were at one point major candidates. So if you want to stick it to the party, you can always vote New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

**I love how these people knocking on my door want to know who I'm voting for. Like I'm going to tell them. I use my clergy status as an excuse, but I still wouldn't tell them. Thanks for asking, though.