Vaya Con Dios

As someone who started a church, I feel a certain camaraderie with guys who try it too. Tomorrow I know of two different church's having their first Sunday services, and I'd like to share a little about them. The first church is in Lexington, Kentucky. I know about Catalyst Christian Church because my in-laws [Dave&Bev, as well as Scott&Jess] are helping to get it started. I emailed Catalyst's lead pastor Dave Kibler this week to encourage him and let him know that people are praying for them.

The second church is in Kansas City. I played fantasy football this year with Troy McMahon, who is leading the new Restore Community Church. Troy picked up his family and moved straight to KC without knowing many people to start Restore. I'm sure things will go well there also.

Good things happening all around the country. Very exciting stuff . . .