The Battle For Our City

Here's today's edition of Why People Think Cincinnati Sucks But, In Reality, It's Our Screwed Up City-County System Of Government. Two examples for you: First, the Freedom Center is asking the city and county to pay $1million for land in order to start the riverfront Banks project. This is laughable not just because it's a horrible museum, but because said land was originally given to the museum for free. Additionally, the Center has taken advantage of taxpayer money to keep from closing its doors. So the way they say, "thanks" for the way the local community has bailed them out is to try to rob them blind. I guess freedom truly isn't free. This could bring the riverfront development to yet another standstill.

Second example is of the county prosecutor, ever the politician and still bitter he didn't a get a new jail, who recently came out bashing Cincinnati as a crime-ridden cesspool. Joe Deters channels the spirit of frighten suburbanites everywhere declaring he wouldn't let his son be caught dead [pun intended] in Over-The-Rhine. He spews ignorant rhetoric like "no one goes downtown anymore" which, to anyone truly familiar with the situation, knows is the exact opposite. I'd expect to hear him back-peddle in the next couple of days. This is going to blow up in his face.

More and more I'm getting sick of hearing suburbanites comment on what's wrong with the city when they only make their way down here once a year. Yeah, this place ain't perfect, but neither are the 'burbs. Let's all just settle down and try to get along.