Sucks To Be Romo . . .

I'm sure he thought dating Jessica Simpson wouldn't be a big deal. I guess it's not as long as you win the play-off game the week after you vacationed with her. Dallas lost to New York this afternoon and Tony Romo had a mediocre game. The media was waiting for this failure with baited breath and it came fruition. The fury has been unleashed and he'll hear about it the entire off-season, and maybe longer. Now the Dallas quarterback will have to endure people questioning his judgement and rightly so. You might think one's "private life" should remain private, but all bets are off when you're a high-profile public athlete. You're now a celebrity. With all the endorsements comes a lot of scrutiny. You asked for it, and you got it.

It should be noted that I predicted the Jessica Simpson slide long ago; once she divorced Cincy-boy Nick Lachey, it's been all downhill. Dane Cook? John Mayer? And now getting killed on SportsCenter? Things could be better. And Nick's slow and steady pace has helped him stay somewhat relevant. And Jessica's departure has probably left him . . . sane.

How 'bout them Cowboys?