Multitasked while watching football the last couple of days to get some work done on the interwebs. First I gave Kelly's blog a face-lift. She likes it, and I think it works well too. Took me longer than it should have, but I got it done just after watching the ball drop last night [some New Year's, huh?].

And today I finally shut down my House of Carr website. I hadn't updated it in six months, so hardly anyone was checking it out anyway. I started it as our family website while I was still using Blogger and wanted the option of multiple pages. Since I switched my blog over to Wordpress, I get everything I need out of it, so maintaining two websites is meaningless. Now on the toolbar above I have a page for Kelly and Kaelyn, added links to my media, and will continue to add things as time permits. The houseofcarr.com URL now points to my blog. I'm going to hold onto the address and evaluate whether or not I want to renew it later.

So look around if you like.