Best of Beit [2007 Year In Review]

I was looking through the posts I made on the blog this past year. I averaged about one post per day in 2007. While there were many one liners and links, sometimes I wrote a little substance. Here's some stuff that either sparked opinion, was a major event of the year or was, in my humble opinion, just good stuff. Among other things I . . . Reviewed Ohio State's loss to Florida in the National Championship [football, not basketball].

Predicted the Catch Phrase of 2007.

Unpacked The Secret [Parts 1, 2, 3].

Went Back To School without Rodney Dangerfield.

Spanked Kaelyn.

Affirmed the awesomeness of soccer.

Went to the Amish Creation Museum.

Noted my desire for the iPod Touch months before it was released [and was finally gifted one last week].

Predicted Narron's firing.

Didn't get pregnant.

Resisted vehicular manslaughter.

Did not view p0rn.

Endured a horrible Bengals' season.

Did not deflate my wife's lung.

As Sinatra would say, it was a very good year. Enjoy your New Year, kiddies!