That's how I would describe life right now. Kelly's recovery is going well but it's taken me all week to get back on track. In addition to regular duties, I'm finishing up my Xavier classes which has me scrambling. I finished up my Buddhism class already and am working on a major term paper for my Christian history class. I'll talk more about this paper in the weeks ahead to reveal my inner geek, suffice to say, it's consuming my thoughts right now.

Case in point: yesterday at 4:30 I found a book online that would really help me out. Scanning the internet I saw that it was available at the Athenauem [the Catholic priest school here in town]. I called their library and they pulled the book but they closed at 5pm. I was in the car by 4:40 and made it to the Mount Washington area [weaving through rush-hour traffic] only to find the library doors locked. I found an open door and wandered through the building, eventually finding the library. It was a crazy trip, but I got the book I needed.

So I have a ton on my mind so I thought I'd dump it out for fun:

  • The Bengals lost and I'm somewhat happy. Another 8-8 season wasn't going to help. More losses means a better draft pick and we need all the help we can get.
  • In a related note, Bryant Gumble is the worst play-by-play man ever. He referred to the 49ers running back as "Al Gore."
  • Continuing the football talk, apparently I'm still alive in my fantasy football league. It's a two week, cumulative points match-up. Still, the guy I'm playing has both Randy Moss and Tom Brady, so it's a long shot.
  • Kaelyn is awesome. She's moving all over the house now, up and down stairs.
  • Playing indoor soccer again and am having a good time. Last night some young punk, instead of passing the ball,  wanted to show me up and beat me one-on-one. I just stuck with him for thirty seconds and picked his pocket. He proceded to cleat me in the ankle. I just laughed because I might not be as fast as I used to be on the soccer field, but I'm smarter and more patient.
  • Despite the impending white death we'll have church tomorrow night. It might be just me, Kelly and Kaelyn but unless there's a certifiable blizzard, we're open.
  • Plus, I find it funny that if there's snow a'comin' the local media sends someone out to Camp Washington where they load the salt on the trucks. Why do people care where the salt comes from? And I always laugh when they remind you, "if you don't need to be out on the roads, stay home." How many people get in their car and say to themselves, "I don't need to go anywhere, but I'm going to drive around for a few hours anyway"?
  • I still need to break down more about the Mitchell support, but I love that neither Major League Baseball nor the Players' Union took responsibility for the steroid problem. After all is said and done, it's no one's fault.

That's enough for now.