Mitchell Report

Talkin' baseball in December. The steroid verdict is out and here's what it looks like. Took a quick glance at the PDF of the Mitchell Report. Beyond Barry Bonds [did anyone doubt he'd be there?] there were Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Miguel Tejada. I find the Tejada inclusion so interesting because he was just dealt in a blockbuster trade yesterday to the Astros. And keeping it in Cincinnati's division, the Brewers new acquisition of Eric Gagne seems to lack luster now that he's on the user list.

Looking for Reds, the most disappointing is former Red Hal Morris. He always struggled to hit for power at his first place position, so it's not too surprising. Former pitcher Ron Villone was on the list, but I'm wondering if he did so after he left Cincy.

The best news in Reds land is that Mike Stanton is on the list. He's a reliever that has drawn the ire of many fans and perhaps this will give the Reds the chance to get rid of him.

Overall, I'm not sure this investigation was as big as people were anticipating. Except for a few instances, I think it will be all forgotten come this spring.