Yikes! [fantasy football speaking]

OK, fantasy geeks, here's my story from this week. I'm narrowly in first place in my league but the play-offs are coming and I need to separate. Chad Johnson did me no favors and I was down six points going into tonight. I had Lendale White at running back while he had the Titans defense.

At 11pm I look at the score and I'm down by three ["so you're saying there's a chance?"] so I turn on the game to see how it ends. Late in the fourth quarter, Denver's Andre Hall runs one 60+ yards for a touchdown; so the guy I'm matched-up against loses three points and the score is tied. And I'm happy because I can at least avoid the "L." But with two minutes to go, Tennessee down by 2 scores, they throw a 10 yard pass to Lendale and I'm up by one. The very next pass, Vince Young throws an INT and the Broncos run out the clock.

So on the last completion of the game, in the last game of the week, I get the point I need to get the "W."

And this is yet another reason why fantasy baseball takes more skill.