Out Of Sync

My Sunday night thought vomit ahead. Let's see where it takes me. Last week was somewhat brutal. Among other things:

  • I was finally getting over a cold while Kelly was developing one.
  • The National Missionary Convention was in many ways a blessing, but it also ran me ragged. I did get to carry around a walkie talkie [Travolta asks, "ain't it cool?"] but that meant people were constantly asking me things that I didn't know. I also walked miles around the convention center this week which gets old rather quickly.
  • I still attempted to go to class this week but was somewhat frustrated with aspects of the discussions we had.
  • Both our dishwasher and freezer went on the fritz when I had no time to examine them.
  • I did play indoor soccer [late] Friday night, scored a goal but missed two easy other ones. I think it was because I was exhausted, but I felt a little old out there. I hate that.
  • While the Buckeyes gave me something to smile about, I was bummed last night when the Bearcats couldn't get it done verses West Virginia. That could've been awesome.
  • There was a bird stuck in our chimney this afternoon. Well, I think it was stuck in the chase [between the flue and the outer cover] and I couldn't figure out how to get it out. It's no longer making noise so while I'm optimistic that it made it out, I'm afraid it died in there.
  • A guest of someone in our condo didn't set the brake in their car and it rolled into somebody's deck, then into the street. It's amazing that no one was injured.
  • The Bengals . . . well, you know.
  • I performed a Sunday afternoon wedding right before church.

So with all this going on, I was glad I had Larry Budde preach for me tonight; it was one less thing to have to worry about this week. Larry is the first person besides Aaron or me to teach at Echo. He did an incredible job. Some church should hire him to preach. Tye did a great job leading worship and artfully transitioned into our communion time. Susan filled in with our children's ministry tonight and excelled. Tim, Tim, and Dale moved like a perfectly oiled machine, setting up and tearing down in no time flat.

Basically . . . tonight . . .  was . . . flawless.

And . . . um . . . I had nothing to do with it.

It's been an incredibly humbling experience to be a part of Echo and to appreciate the talents that God has assembled in our little church. As closely tied my life is to Echo, it's wonderful to be reminded again that it's more than me.

Additionally, as we focus on thoughts of thanksgiving this week, it's difficult for me to get too down on all these negative things in my life. After a few days observing missionaries, seeing the many sacrifices they make to share their faith, I feel like a tool for even thinking about seeking pity.

I have a beautiful wife, a precious child, a supportive family, a fantastic church, encouraging friends and, above all, an amazing God.

I . . . am . . . blessed.

Even when I'm not feeling quite right, I'm doing alright.