A Whimpered, "Who-Dey?"

My old college RA [who's currently on vacation with his wife in California] is from Buffalo. He's a huge Bills fan, even operating a fan site/podcast. While we recently reconnected through the interwebs, I had circled next week's game on my calendar as the Bengals are traveling to Rich Stadium. Even though Cincinnati is horrible now, still contemplating on a 4th and 1 punt, I will back my boys and offer a challenge for this week's game. It's pretty simple one, Greg, so choose to accept if you wish.

Bengals win: you post a picture of a Bengals helmet on your blog with the caption, "Cincinnati owns Buffalo."

Bills win: I post a picture of a Bills helmet on this blog with the caption, "Buffalo owns Cincinnati."

No Skyline or Buffalo wings will exchange hands. Interested?