We Suck

I know this is a little preemptive, but with the Bengals down to the Steelers, knocking on the door for another score, I'm thinking this is another loss. They have to give the fans in this city someone's head. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing both offensive/defensive coordinators axed. I would predict though that nothing will happen.

Of course, as I typed that, the much over-rated Ben Rothlisucker threw an INT. Maybe the whole game turns around here.

My biggest fear, however, is another 8-8 season. Another opportunity for Mike Brown to claim that we're "almost there" could make me lose it. If they're going to lose, make it a 4-12 season so we realize that things are not good. We need some solid free agents. We need an actual general manager.

We'll see how this works out . . .