Up to this point I've withheld any thoughts about Taser-gate. The plight of rambunctious Andrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who was tased by campus police during a John Kerry speech has been viewed by 2million+ on the interwebs. Apparently the phrase, "Don't Tase Me, Bro" is now sweeping the nation, destined to be a catch phrase that could soon rival "That's hot" and "Deal or No Deal."

There are a lot of first amendment questions being raised here but what blurs the line is that Meyer was a jerk. He felt that he was entitled to publicly insult a US senator while using some questionable language towards him. That in itself is more than reason for him to be escorted out. He refuses to leave, then forcibly resists, while acting erratic [stop and think about this for a second: this is done with a few yards of a former Presidential candidate and still very public figure. If this was 2004, Secret Service would've beat the living crap out of him and no one says a word]. As he's being ushered out he begins to cry like a baby, still physically resisting security which, eventually, leads to the tasing, apparently distributed by Meyer's bro.

There are probably very legitimate concerns as to when and how tasers should be used but human rights officials would do well to avoid this case as an opportunity to convince the country. There's no way they can make a martyr out of this kid, especially when a majority of the country would've tased him sooner.