Cold Draft

Reluctantly, I'm playing a little fantasy football. I've noted before the superiority of fantasy baseball and my non-participation in FF leagues. But I was persuaded this year by the opportunity to participate in a league with blogging church planters from around the country. Some of them I've interacted with, some I've just started reading. I'll be putting their sites up on my links shortly. Anyway, I had a pretty decent draft except that the ESPN auto-draft option wouldn't let me make my second pick, leaving me with Clinton Potis. Sure, Portis is good, but I've never really liked him. Hopefully he'll have a banner year.

And I was surprised, being the only Cincinnati guy, how quickly the Bengals jumped off the board. I was able to snag Chad Johnson, but every other major player went quicker than I thought would have.

So here's my line-up. FYI, I had the fifth pick in a snaking draft.

1. Shaun Alexander, Sea RB [local guy over Addai]

2. Clinton Portis, Was RB  [didn't want him; wanted Travis Henry]

3. Chad Johnson, Cin WR [lives two blocks from us]

4. Antonio Gates, SD TE [stud]

5. Matt Hasselbeck, Sea QB [He'll work]

6. Donald Driver, GB WR [Farve will work him hard this year]

7. Reggie Brown, Phi WR [Steal at this pick]

8. Jon Kitna, Det QB [Good back-up, has plenty of options]

9. Tatum Bell, Det RB [If the offense spreads, he'll get yards]

10. Greg Jennings, GB WR [Could break out this year]

11. Cowboys Defense/Special Teams  [Best left at this pick]

12. LenDale White, Ten RB  [USC Running back needs to get a watch]

13. Randy McMichael, StL TE    [Good offense for him]

14. Maurice Morris, Sea RB [Shaun Alexander's Back-up]

15. Chris Henry, Cin WR [Just for fun]

16. Olindo Mare, NO K [Was still left]