WEBN Fireworks

With a sleep deprived little girl, we skipped this year's Riverfest fireworks again. I think next year we'll walk down the street so she can see them in person. It's interesting to hear the reverberations of the big blasts from time to time. Surprisingly, some aren't nearly as loud as the Reds game winning fireworks. But I do have to suggest we start a petition urging Channel 5 to never purchase the television rights again. There is a huge difference between the other two networks and this one. Channel 5 is horrible when it comes to these live events. I keep rubbing my eyes thinking my contacts are blurry when it's actually they're cheap cameras.

They make the fireworks practically unwatchable, to the extent that I'm blogging this while they're still on. Can I get a witness?

EDIT: Then I can't stand the visit to cliche-ville after they end. Example:

"Every year they keep getting better and better"

BTW, I disagree. I think the WEBN music guy has a thing for Chris Isaacs. They play his one-hit every year.