Facebook Fury

Is Myspace dying? It's not quite dead yet, but I think you could put it on the dead wagon. I really never liked Myspace because I felt it was Mickey Mouse. I check it once every few days to delete the p0rn spam I get there. Even though I suck at social networking, I've been excited about Facebook which is cleaner [except for all those crappy add-ons you people need to get over] but I've still maintained both because . . . well, how could I turn my back on all those friends?

It seems that the past month or so has seen an huge influx of new people to Facebook. In fact, it leads me to believe that many people will soon completely abandon Myspace. Someone recently told me that Facebook is becoming the site for "old[er] people" but I wonder if this is sour grapes. Whereas a lot of college friends now work the Facebook, few people from my high school have picked up on it.

So which side do you choose in the social networking Civil War? Or are you a border state? Or are you participating in the Underground Railroad?

Answer, friends: Myspace or Facebook?