The Beat Goes On

Some interesting stuff in today's City Beat, Cincinnati's liberal independent newspaper. Every Wednesday I try to read the online version in addition to our city's cotton-candy paper, CinWeekly. First was an interview with the heads of the three major local art institutions [Cincinnati Art Museum, The Taft, and the Contemporary Arts Center]. They have some interesting perspectives on the state of art and culture in the Queen City.

The second article is concerning an Enquirer business reporter who was recently fired. The word on the street is that he pissed off some local major corporations and the paper bowed to their power and let him go. It's difficult to find the truth in this story, as some people contend he was canned because he was overly abrasive. Regardless, I think it does speak to the way our society is shifting.

The goal of a business is to make money and media outlets do so through ad revenue. So when it comes to hard hitting journalism verses making the advertisers/customers happy they're inclined to deliver news that sells. So even if newspapers and television stations are attempting to be unbiased, there's always room for doubt when the segment on health care is being sponsored by Ambient.

I guess the truth is out there but finding it is getting more difficult. But at least when I'm looking for info on the Iraq, US Americans, and the Asian countries, I know where to go.