Back To School

Started new session of class tonight at Xavier. Quick hits:

  1. My week-and-a-half break wasn't nearly long enough. I'm really pushing to get through this program so I keep telling myself that the time will fly by. I think I get a month off for Winter Break, so there's a bonus.
  2. Holy crap is it crowded! After a quiet little summer of taking classes the campus is now filled with college kids. I had to park about three hundred yards further out than I normally do. It even took me a couple of minutes to find my car; they need those Kings Island cartoon characters to help you remember your space. Note to self: it sucks wearing sandals while walking half a mile.
  3. I guess I had no idea how slutty college girls dress nowadays. There are probably some examples I could share with you but I won't. But it was shocking enough that I felt the need to admit it here.
  4. It's scary to look at a syllabus and realize the current class will take you through Christmas. I'm sitting there in shorts while reading about assignments due in December. I guess I should start my shopping.
  5. My Buddhism class is very promising. The professor lived over 20 years in Japan has written numerous books and articles on the topic. My current knowledge of the philosophy/religion is very limited so I look forward to further exploration.