Blame The Bears

You gotta follow the story concerning Lance Briggs who wrecked his $350,000 vehicle and left it there, later reporting it stolen. Looks like he's only going to get a fleeing the scene of an accident charge. That's a lot better than what he should be getting. Why would you leave your Lamborghini on the side of the road after an accident? Perhaps it's because you realized that a fleeing the scene charge is a lot better than a DUI.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the Bears' nonchalant attitude with Briggs, stating that he won't be suspended. With all the flack the Bengals have taken for having a team of jail birds I would suggest that the Bears have been much worse with Tank Johnson and now Briggs. ESPN should start spreading the love and calling out the Monsters of the Midway for being, well, monsters.

Hopefully Roger Goodell will man up and throw a suspension on him. It's only right.