East Verses West

I'm more a Jeopardy guy: a know a little about a lot; I'm the proverbial jack of all trades and master of none. But while my interests are varied, my one area of expertise would be Cincinnati's cultural war, namely, Eastside verses Westside. A local t-shirt company is trying to profit from the conflict by selling t-shirts featuring East and West in a [attemped] comedic look at family life. Some of it's a little cliche: Westsiders love cornhole, Eastsiders drink imported beer. I'm not sure it's easily discernable until you've lived on both side of the wall . . . er, 1-75. I'll just say that it's a yin-yang type thing as each side has their strengths and weaknesses. No one side can truly claim dominance.

So even though I grew up facing the sunrise and now face the sunset, I will maintain my dual citizenship and continue to be an ambassador for the city's greater good.