I Love Our Church

We're coming up on two years into this grand experiment. Although progress has been incremental, it's been a blessing to see how things work when they develop gradually. Tonight we had another pot-luck-type-get-together after church and I didn't lock up the building till 10pm. Everyone who attended the worship gathering stayed for the fellowship time. I guess it's not just me: our people like people. Additionally, I usually feel the pressure to connect with everyone; I worry about "working the room" so all feel included. After taking care of some essential tear down issues after the gathering, I entered the room to discover everyone conversing. I even tried to enter a table conversation, asked one little question, and instantly became irrelevant to the new discussion.

That's how I like things to work. I put a lot of pressure on myself to create connections among our people, so when it happens naturally, it makes me smile.

I love our church. I love our people. I love our mission field.

God is good.