Thought Thread: Removal

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Abandon Your Good Idea
Sometimes we get more by subtraction. A computer science professor shows his math for decision-making, urging us to purposely remove projects from our to-do list. 

What is Your Locus of Control?
Who bears the blame when things go wrong. The concept of locus of control should lead us to give up making excuses for external factors and take responsibility for our failures.

The Death of Clothing
Have you purged your closet recently? Discover why the clothing industry is concerned that people are removing items from their wardrobe without replacing them. 

My Thoughts: Explaining the Impossible
Even if you haven't been diagnosed with Olympic fever, there are endless lessons to be gained from the Winter Games in South Korea. In this post, I reflect on, what I believe to be, the defining moment of these Olympics, when one competitor erased conventional wisdom.

The Republic of Suffering: Death and the Civil War by Drew Gilpin Faust
I recently finished viewing the entire Ken Burns' Civil War documentary and used this book as supplemental reading. The president of Harvard suggest that the way we Americans view death today was influenced by this conflict. In case you're not excited about reading this, I compiled some notes that might interest you. 

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
In our hyper-consumeristic age, many of us are fascinated by decluttering. While this film shows examples of dramatic examples of removing stuff from everyday life, it's a conversation that the biblical authors grappled with as well. The documentary is available on Netflix.

Through April, I'm sharing sermons I wrote on Colossians for a series called WHY JESUS WINS. The apostle Paul explains the exclusivity of Christ to this ancient church and to us today. See how Jesus' ability to remove makes him different.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF transcript of Why Jesus Wins: Removal (Colossians 2:2-15)

A few notes: 
1. All Scriptures are taken from the New International Version
2. The primary source of textual research I used is the Smyth and Helwys commentary on Colossians by Nijay Gupta
3. Feel free to customize the message for your audience. Since these sermons are heavy exegetical, there is no need to attribute content to me.  

Thanks for reading the Thread. If you have thoughts about any of the above articles, feel free to start a conversation below. 

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash