Pulling on the Thread

Entering my third decade of ministry experience, I've had the opportunity to connect with thousands of church leaders and hundreds of churches. From teaching in a seminary, to planting a congregation in the city, to now working in church finance, my experiences forced me to take a unique view of the church: to think differently about our work and to discover how random threads can be woven together to create new trains of thought. 

That's what Thought Thread is all about. Twice a month, I release an idea and trace the thread that binds together various resources. So you can expect:

  • Links from around the web. For years I've drawn content from random sources to provide an atypical perspective on ministry. Here you'll find items from off the beaten path.
  • Book, podcast, and film recommendations. There's a constant flow of new content developed daily. I'll show you what you might have missed and how it can help. 
  • A free sermon. I'm not claiming to be the best communicator, but I am good at developing content. If you're caught in a bind and need something to preach/teach, you can use this resource. At the very least, it'll give you a starting point. 

I'm here to serve. Thanks for tethering your life to ministry in order to change people's eternity. I pray something here will help you in your work.