Pulling the String: What is Thought Thread?

Entering the third decade of professional career, I've had a diverse journey: from teaching in a seminary, to planting a congregation in the city, to working in finance; I’ve covered some ground. My vocational path forced me to take a unique view of the world: to think differently about work (and ministry) and to discover how random threads can be woven together to create new ways of thinking.

That's what Thought Thread is all about. Every two weeks, I release an idea and trace the thread that binds together various resources. So you can expect:

  • Links from around the web. For years I've drawn content from random sources to provide an atypical perspective on my work. Here you'll find items from off the beaten path.

  • Book, podcast, and film recommendations. There's a constant flow of new content developed daily. I'll show you what you might have missed and how it can help.

  • A free sermon. Since I’m an ordained minister, I have years a spiritual content. If you're a preacher caught in a bind and need something to preach/teach, or if you’re someone wanting a deeper exploration of the Bible, you can use this resource.

I'm here to serve. I pray something here will help you in your work.