Thought Thread: Extreme

[1] The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism
Perfection is an extreme often pursued. But is it a healthy endeavor?

[2] Exploring Absurd Ideas is Essential to Success
It's an edgy thought, but try the other end of the spectrum.

[3] Extreme Commuting
As someone who works from home, I'm shocked at how far people live from their work.

[4] My Wife's Thoughts: Hope in the Ashes
I'm proud of the work Kelly did in telling the story of the Paradise, California fires.

[5] Free Sermon: Biblical Balance
The Teacher from Ecclesiastes warns us to avoid extremes.

[6] Book Recommendation: The Rational Optimist
In an age of rampant pessimism, try looking on the bright side of life. Here are some quotes from the book.

[7] Media Recommendation: Free Solo 
If you missed it, this National Geographic documentary shows the extremes a pursued in his rope-free climb of El Capitan. It's available for streaming on some outlets.