Thought Thread: Random Threads from 2018

This is the last Thought Thread of the year. Sincerely, thank you for sticking with me in 2018. My goal with this newsletter has been to push thought-provoking content and provide some useful resources. I hope I’ve earned your trust to do so. In 2019, I'll keep it coming but, until next year, here are some links that have no thread.

Minimize Stress Before, During, & After Vacation
If you're planning on taking some time off for the holidays, this article is a good prep.

One by One the Urgent Goes Away
A simple reminder that could help us workaholics find peace.

About Metrics
This Silicon Valley start-up guru succinctly explains what we should measure.

How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive
Yep, this is random but I found it fascinating. 

The Embodied Church in a Digital Age
A balanced piece on how churches should think about their online services.

Standing Desks are Overrated
I believe this and this article agrees with me so . . . that's that.

My [Wife's] Thoughts: The Waiting
A poem that encapsulates the feeling of the season.