Not us, but a title like that always garners a little more attention than others. Interesting article in Christianity Today about the phrase "We're pregnant." The author, a man by the way, believes that sentence to be both inaccurate and demeaning. When men drop that phrase, he believes, they are actually belittling all that the woman endures during and after the pregnancy. I'm not sure if I used the phrase "we're pregnant" as I wasn't, however, I would tell people that "we're having a baby" as I was confident it was mine.

When we had the extended stay in the hospital before Kaelyn was born [and I use "we" because I was there every night throughout], I was a little disappointed that I had very little "rights" as a father. I was not required to sign any official paperwork because Kaelyn was first and foremost the responsibility of Kelly. This ticked me off a bit, and I think it's more reflective of absentee fathers and the society we live in.

However, I think this article makes a valid point as some husbands want a little of the attention as well. Compared to what Kelly went through, I had it easy. She was attached to machines restricting her movement in her bed; I slept on a pull-out chair. She was bedridden for weeks; I was able to go out and run errands. She has scars; I was scarred observing what she had to go through. And this is to stay nothing of all she had to go through to recover AND take care of the baby AND deal with me and my Hepatitis. Kelly went through hell to bring Kaelyn into this world. And I was there.

So no matter how secure I am in my fathering skills far be it from me, or any other of us guys, to declare that "we're pregnant."