About The Dale

The Dale was one of our first Echo core members. And he was actually the first person we didn't know to get involved. The Dale worked with Emily, had just moved to Cincy from New Jersey when he started coming. First, I guess I need to explain why we call him "The" Dale. And it's because . . . I really can't remember why. But it just seemed necessary to add an article to the beginning of his name.

The Dale has been huge in getting Echo off the ground- serving as an occasional worship leader, our resident sound guy, and our very own gourmet chef. Is there anything he can't do? He's such an integral part to our operations that we even ran an announcement slide lamenting his six week absence while in China on business. It's a view looking down on him from the balcony. Here it be:

Recently, Dale's been volunteering at a Korean church that meets in Kenwood. He leads worship for their high schoolers and occasionally preaches at their gatherings. He invited me to come over yesterday because he was speaking and it was really cool. Since Dale's the only one there who speaks English as his first language, everything but his involvement took place in Korean. It was a surreal experience, but very cool. I've been in other countries before, and in multi-lingual settings, but never as fully immersed as that. Dale does a great job working with those kids.

So here's to the The Dale, a man among men.