Reds Hot

A little baseball talk this evening. Non-interested parties can skip this one. So the Reds sweep a series for the first time since July of last year. That's hard to believe, but not really. Subtract the quick start last year and this whole decade's been forgettable. We had a good conversation about the ball club before church tonight, maybe you can chime in.

First, David Weathers gives up three straight hits with two outs in the ninth to blow the lead. Tye, who was at the game, thought it was bush for fans to boo him; I read a sports writer's blog tonight who felt the same way, claiming that Weathers has been the MVP this year. I would counter that being the team's MVP in the worst season in 50 years isn't much to write home about. I do think Weathers is a decent pitcher, but isn't closer material. I still say that blowing Harang's gem, he deserved to get booed.

Second, they have to see if they can pull a some trades here quick. Dunn, Hatteberg, and Lohse should all be dealt. I already picked up Joey Votto in my fantasy baseball league anticipating his call up.

Finally, let's not let the Pete Mackanin love-fest get out of control. He's a definite interim, a good stop-gap guy. I'm beginning to think that Bob Castellini is going to get Joe Girardi [as well as Paul O'Neil?!?!?]. That would be huge. The only thing keeping me going is that this team isn't really that far away from contending in the NL Central. If they can get a little chemistry, next year could be very good.

Did I miss anything else, Reds fans?