Wouldn't It Be Funny . . .

. . . in light of this wall-to-wall iPhone coverage if, at 5:59pm EST this evening, Jesus came back to earth to signal the end of the world? Spending the last day of your life waiting in line would be . . . well, hell, I guess. It would make for some interesting Judgement Day conversations:

St Peter: So what you been up to, buddy?

iPhone Customer: Not much, just waiting in line all week to be the first to get a new iPhone.

St Peter: Yeah, I heard about those things. They're supposed to be pretty nice.

iPhone Customer: Dude, you have no idea: iPod, video, internet, phone, all in one. It's awesome. I just couldn't live without it.

St Peter: True that. When I was being crucified upside-down I was thinking, "Boy, this is a raw deal, but it's cool. Who would want to live in a world without the iPhone, anyway."

iPhone Customer: See, now I think you're mocking me.

St Peter: Oh, I am. But you know what really sucks?

iPhone Customer: What's that?

St Peter: The only place where you can get AT&T's coverage in the afterlife is in hell.

iPhone Customer: Son of A . . .

St Peter: Excuse me?

iPhone Customer: Um, nothing.

St Peter: I thought so.