Bad Decisions

The double murder-suicide involving WWE wrestler Chris Benoit is indeed sad and shocking. But more puzzling are a few reactions the WWE made as a result of this tragedy. First, the WWE decides to air a tribute show of Benoit last night, effectively spending three hours of television time to honor a murderer. You might be inclined to cut them some slack since they only had four hours to make the decision, but by that time there was already talk of foul play, so wouldn't you assume the worst?

Then, the police discovered steroids in the Benoit home, allowing for rampant speculation that he was using. The WWE tried t be proactive and denounce any assumptions the media is allowing the general public to make. It seems like an extremely defensive posture to take during this time.

So twice when they should've remained silent they made statements that did nothing to cause additional problems. I'd suspect that if it's proven that Benoit was using the drugs that Congress might get involved and investigate the WWE.

UPDATE: This story keeps getting stranger and stranger as it seems the Wikipedia entry on Benoit was changed to reflect the killing 14 hours before it even occured. Scary.