How We View Tragedy

In light of this horrible story of the little girl who had her feet severed in a ride at Kentucky Kingdom yesterday, I asked Kelly what she thought it would be like at Kings Island today with their similar ride; I couldn't imagine anyone could possibly want to ride it. Well, apparently KI decided to shut down their ride to run some inspections on it to ensure safety. An accident like this is a one-in-a-million thing but these things always seem to hit home. I guess it's because we forget how truly chaotic this world is. When we hear about an unbelievable story like this we personalize it, wondering what if it had been us or a loved one. So even though we don't know the person and weren't even there, it becomes very real to us. We then take an accounting of our lives and the risks we take, keeping those tragic images in the back of our minds as a grim reminder of our mortality.

And time rolls on.

And by next week, we've forgotten this story and resume our daily routine.

At least, until the next tragedy hits.