Father's Day 2

I'm basking in the glory of another Father's Day. Here at Beit Carr, we're not big holiday people, so nothing too special will happen today. Kaelyn was up bright and early and still a tad fussy from being sick this past week. As for me, I still gotta preach later tonight [from Zechariah 2, not exactly what you might consider a Father's Day text] but it's cool. Today isn't much different from any other enjoyable Sunday, except that it feels, well, easy . . . um, easy like a Sunday morning. So since the creation of the best Mother's Day gift ever, Kelly has been plotting how she could use her own creative abilities to express her love and appreciation of my fatherness. I've noticed her feverishly working on a project this week and this morning I finally was able to see the results. She opened up her laptop and showed me her project: a set of rather impressive photos.

John McClain is back. And the Mac guy too. Let the bodies hit the floor.

For you to understand this picture, you must understand this.

Truly, there's more than meets the eye.

I'm very impressed that she of no Photoshop experience took the time to learn and create me such wonderful gifts. No necktie or set of golf balls would mean as much as this.

So thanks, Kelly and Kaelyn, for making my life as a dad an enjoyable one. It's too easy . . .