So-Social Networking

Although I like to think I'm relevant, sometimes I'm resistant to change. In college, the fashion statement that is sandals reemerged [well, at least men wearing them too] and I held out as long as I could. Just didn't want to go there, exposed toes and all, thinking it would be a passing fad. I bought yet another pair a couple of weeks ago.

Same thing with web trends. I knew about Myspace for awhile and wanted nothing to do with it. Although I still sorta hate, I check it out four or five times a week.  And I've known about Facebook, even writing about it last September. I predicted that going public to non-college students would be its end. What do I know, anyway?

So now that Facebook is on the rise, it seems everyone is ready to make the switch over. In my longing to realize the "if-everyone-else-jumps-off-a-bridge" reality I decided it was Facebook time.

But within some parameters.

You see, when I finally entered the social networking realm, I started a Myspace for Echo as well. But I soon realized that I sucked at keeping up-to-date with the Echo account. To look at it I would have to sign-out of my personal account, log-in, then remember to log-out and log back in to my personal account [I know, I sound like a whiner here, but how many of you are ticked when you have to continually log into webpages you frequent?]. In addition to all my other web exploits, this was way too much work.

So this is where I am: maintaining a personal Myspace page while creating a new Echo Church Facebook. This way I can streamline my efforts and enjoy life. Who knew making friends was so much frickin' work.

So if you're into this kind of thing, go ahead and befriend us at the Echo Church Facebook page. And if anyone wants to give me advice on how to pimp out the Facebook for maximum effect, I'd appreciate it.

Regardless of whatever trends come and go, I vow that I will never wear Crocs. Ever.