Happy _________

I know much in my mind. I remember a slew of phone numbers, passwords, and security alarms stored in my cranium. For instance: 24-16-22. If you can figure out where to put that, you would gain access to man yriches.

I have countless musical lyrics committed to memory, such as one I was able to recite tonight during class: "With the lights out, it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us."

I've memorized many pointless sports statistics, including the fact that Terry Steinbach of the Oakland A's was MVP of the 1988 MLB All-Star Game. Additionally, it's the only All-Star game in 20+ years in which the Home Run Derby was cancelled due to rain.

And, I usually remember all the important family dates on our calendar.

Well, except for two.

June brings two days that I just can't seem to keep straight. My parents were married 37 years ago today while, tomorrow, my brother Chris will celebrate his 34th birthday. I had to ask Kelly yesterday which one was which. At least I remember that it's one of these two dates.

So Happy Birthday/Anniversary Chris/Mom&Dad, regardless of what day it is.