S-M-R-T . . . I mean, S-M-A-R-T

 [If you didn't no wear the title came from]

 Yes, we use the television as background noise while we work at night. Maybe that's hickish, but its nice two take a breather every few seconds two look up and sea something besides the glow of the laptop screen.

Tonight Kelli made the choice to have the National Spelling Be on. They're erring it prime-time on ABC this year; not sure if its erred on network television before. One things for shore: it's just not as interesting without Laurence Fishburne.

I'm all for riveting television, but is it really wise to use these kids for entertainment purposes? I would rather not have two watch some kids heart break because they slip up once after years of dedicating themselves to learning the dictionary. And do we have to here Robin Roberts go, "Ohhhhhhhh" every thyme a kid gets rung out? And I really could do without awl the sports metaphors. ABC owns ESPN butt why did they feel obligated two treat this as if it was a sporting event? No joke: the following analogies and sports references were made sew far:

  • A speller compared to Steve Nash, of the Phoenix Sons.
  • Mention of hockey great Mark Messier
  • Spelling compared to hitting a three foot putt at the Masters.

They even have Stewart Scott doing post-loss interviews. Fortunately, he has yet to give us a "Boo-Yah!"

That being said, were still watching. Still hoping for E-U-O-N-Y-M though.

I'm done. And spell Czech said eye didn't misspell a word. Iraq.