Who Do I Think Jesus Is?

For my Historical Jesus class we were asked to write down our image of Jesus. We're then supposed to revisit our image at the end of the course and see if it has changed. I sat down the other day and, in a few minutes, without consulting a Bible penned my thoughts concerning who I believe Jesus was. Here's what I came up with: Jesus. Was. A. Man. But so much more than just a man. He was God, Creator of the Universe, come to earth in human form. Flesh and Blood and Hair and Bones. Just. Like. Me. But so much more than I could ever attain to. He lived a normal childhood in a small podunk town. He became a man. Took on a trade. Eeked out an existence. But then was unleashed. A mikveh and a voice released Him to ministry. He wandered the countryside and tended to His congregation. He transformed the physical, restoring the broken; His teachings were backed up by His miracles. Oh, and He taught as well, speaking words that have resonated two thousand years. What. An. Incomparable. Teacher. But so much more than a teacher. He was the Paschal Lamb. The only worthy sacrifice for the sins of the world. He was executed like a common criminal, subject to unspeakable brutality He did not deserve. He. Was. Murdered. But He did not stay dead. He rebuked the grave, owning mortality, proving He was who he claimed to be. He ascended into to heaven to reclaim the seat that He had left. But He did not hold on to the past tense. For there is a truth that has lasted far beyond His earthly presence and will forever more. Jesus. Is. Alive.