First Class

Went rather well. The course I'm taking is The Historical Jesus. Really enjoy the professor, Dr Dewey, who graduated from Havard Theological and was a member of the Jesus Seminar. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a literary critique of the Biblical narrative [specifically the gospels] to try to ascertain who He was and/or wasn't. A lot of Christians would absolutely struggle to sit through some of the discussion tonight; they'd see it as an affront to God. Unlike certain sit-com stars I realize that I'm not going to be able to lob a theological hand grenade that will instantaneously destroy this critique. And I'm cool with that so I'm approaching this class differently, not feeling like I need to defend God. God has some rather broad shoulders so I'm not sure he needs me to defend Him. So I'm going to be selective about my comments, taking it all in stride, seeing how the experience shapes my faith.

One of our "assignments" is to write down our image of Jesus and then revisit it at the end of the course. Interesting question to ponder. I'll post my thoughts here soon.

Otherwise, it'll be an interesting journey. Here I go . . .