School's In For Summer

I didn't have much to say last week as I was trying to live it up. I feel I'm losing a portion of my life: I go back to school tonight.

It's been five years since I finished my Masters degree and I now find myself going back for more. But at that point I was wrapping up 21 consecutive years of schooling. I have to admit that, in those last few months of academics, I was mailing it in. I was still excited about learning, but not about school.

I think this time off has done me rather well. I've been free to read what I want to read and explore in-depth the topics of my choosing. Now I'll again submit to course plans and assigned readings, forcing me to be more disciplined again. It could be just what I need. I'll take two courses this summer [one until Independence Day, the second through Labor Day] and a couple more in the fall. Hopefully I'll wrap this up by Christmas of next year.

But with the twinges of anxiety I feel, I'm rather stoked. I'm looking forward to this new challenge. I even bought a Xavier shirt a couple of weeks ago to get some new school spirit.

It'll be good.