Come On, DJ, Play My Song

I would say that Susan Cagle is one smart cookie. The aspiring musical artist was searching for a schtick that would get her some publicity so she pens the song Dear Oprah. Of course, Mrs Stedman has her own her show to perform her song. Needless to say, people now know who Susan Cagle is. One of the lyrics goes like this:

"Dear Oprah, Have you ever felt like breakin’ down/ when there ain't no one who cares around/did ever you feel this way back in the day so blue/ what did you do?"

I'm thinking I should do something similar in an effort to get some free publicity for Echo. Since Oprah's already taken, I'll have to set my sights on another target.

Be on the lookout for my single, Dear Jerry, to be released this fall. One of the lyrics will probably be:

"Dear Jerry, have you ever felt so strung out/hosting a show featuring little people being tossed about/ Steve's bald head creating a glare/obscuring the view of a tranny's bare derriere."

That's all I have so far.