Video I'm Not Sure I Want To Watch

With the reemergence of atheism as a legitimate presence in the United States, you might think a debate about God would be a good thing. Ray Comfort has challenged the two creators of The Blasphemy Challenge to a debate that will be televised by ABC. Who is Ray? Perhaps you know better his BFF Kirk Cameron. Yes, that Kirk Cameron. Ray and Kirk have their own evangelistic organization that's all over TBN. Part of the deal is that Ray and Kirk won't mention their faith to prove that God exists, but only scientific evidence. This is dumb. Sorry to burst your closed-to-the-world Christian bubble but you can't scientifically prove that God exists. That might tick some of you off, but neither can you scientifically prove that God doesn't exist. Now you can definitely use systems of logic to demonstrate that the odds lean towards the existence of a Creator, but there are many better qualified and experienced Christian apologists who have already debated atheists artfully than this Aussie and former friend of Boner will be able too [long sentence there, but I like it].

So get ready to witness some embarrassing prime-time coverage of our faith. You know I'll watch.