Back Online

Rough weekend around here as I came down with another sinus infection. Imagine someone hitting your forehead with a hammer and you get a good idea of what it feels like. Additionally, while I was still wallowing yesterday, Kaelyn started feeling warm. She posted fevers of 103 and 104.5. And we were a little worried as we just switched her doctors and our new insurance didn't kick in until today. But the new pediatrician was awesome and said to give her drugs and liquids. The little trooper is feeling much better today.

Also, this past month was also great learning experience in the lesson of bandwidth. The good news is that lots of people are downloading our Echo Church podcast. The bad news is that I left the files so big that we used up all of our bandwidth this weekend. That meant the church website, this blog, the family website, and our Echo Church all shut down. It resets in May, so we're finally back up. I did some website maintenance [thanks, Brian Coates] and we shouldn't have this problem again. I learn something new everyday.

You know while the blog was down I thought of a hundred things to post about. And now, I think I've forgotten them all.