Not only is Mason County the birthplace of my mother, but it is now my favorite local municipality. For those of you not in the Cincinnati, you might not be aware of the Marcus Fiesel incident. Marcus was a special needs child whose foster parents left him tied up in a closet while they attended a family reunion. When they returned, the boy was dead. In an effort to cover it up, they burned the little boy's body and threw the remains in the Ohio River. The key testimony that helped convict the foster parents was that of a woman who was a live-in girlfriend. Amy Baker received full immunity for her testimony, despite the fact she was probably as equally involved as the foster parents.

But while the immunity covered Baker in the state of Ohio, it meant nothing in Kentucky, where Baker helped to dump the child's remains. Enter Maysville police who have brought up Baker on charges of tampering with physical evidence that could bring five years in prison.

Normally I don't gloat in punishment, but this is deserved. I really question whether the Clermont County prosecutor needed Baker's testimony to seal convictions. They seemed convinced that Baker was not involved, but to the general public, this seems incredibly unlikely. Many in the community were outraged that she received no punishment. This might not be much, but it is something.

The Clermont County prosecutor is ticked because he's losing face on this deal. He should settle down and realize that anyone involved in the killing of this child should have to pay for it.

They don't take too kindly to that kind of thing on the other side of the river.