Still getting used to the new Wordpress set-up, but I'm liking it. Thanks to my technical adviser Brian Coates for helping me get some issues ironed out. And a shout-out to Tim Reed who suggested going to Wordpress years ago. I'll keep on adding features throughout the next few weeks, but be sure to let me know if you're noticing any glitches. It's been a pain to get the old blog transfered over here to the new one. There was a plug-in that allowed me to import the old posts, but it would only do it a few hundred at a time. In order to complete the process I had to delete some of the old blog so I could bring the rest over. So for the past couple of days I had to glance at everything I've ever blogged. It was actually rather enlightening.

I'm glad I started blogging. Sure, there are some negatives associated with it: every now and then I write something that bothers people and I have to clear it up; it makes my life and my views rather transparent, so there's no hiding where I stand on issues; and, despite what you think about the interwebs, this stuff is out there permanently- people will always be able to go back and see these posts. But those inconveniences are easily overshadowed by the opportunity to reflect on what I was feeling at these times in my life.

And I'm extremely grateful I started during this transitional stage of my life. I was blogging during our trip to Israel, during our decision to plant Echo, and during the birth of Kaelyn [well, not actually during the birth, but you know what I mean]. Some events that I thought were of huge importance at the time now seem trivial. It gives me some good perspective on life.

I'm not sure how long the medium of blogging will exist, but I'll keep at it as long as I can.