Predictive Prophecy

I've pretty much decided that this week was shot so I'm settling in to watch some March Madness. So far, the brackets are in tact. But to tip my cards, I have Xavier beating the Buckeyes tomorrow night. I think OSU is suspect. Anyway, I glanced up at the TV to watch a commercial for the Major League Baseball 2K7 video game. It shows these in-game pictures of players like Derek Jeter and Dontrell Willis. I guess it's pretty cool; this is why I don't play video games.

But something else caught my eye.

The unstoppable power of my DVR allowed me to rewind and study the end of the commercial in slow motion. They were showing a team winning either the pennant or the World Series. And who was that team? The Cincinnati Reds.

Not sure if this is a good sign or the Madden jinx.