Why I Smiled Today

  • My wife looks great with her new haircut. I never knew how much someone else's hair would affect my life.
  • My daughter is amazingly cute. I think she wakes up every morning convinced to babble incoherent phrases that I find absolutely adorable.
  • I figured out the angle I want to take with my message this Sunday. I usually spend the first part of the week researching the text and pull it all together thematically by the end of the week. I've recently noticed that my best message ideas usually come to me while I'm in the shower [sometime between "rinse" and "repeat"]. Wonder if my laptop is waterproof . . .
  • The sun was shinning. The weather was gorgeous. And the weatherman says next week will be even better. I'm stoked for spring. And for the extra hour with the early time change is most welcome.
  • I had the chance to drive around with Aaron Burgess today. While I can't really repeat anything we talk about, but it can be rather funny. Maybe he'll start a blog again soon.
  • Had lunch with some people who are wanting to plant a church in Over-The-Rhine. The neighborhood could really use a new Bible-believing church.
  • Talked to Jade Kendall with Hope Inner City. They want to start numerous churches in impoverished urban areas here in Cincinnati. Jade and his wife Kim are rehabbing a church in Lower Price Hill, ready for their first child due in April. These people are amazing.

Still smiling.