I missed the Duke/UNC game yesterday but apparently the most interesting play occurred with under a minute remaining. When Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough missed his free throw, he pulled down a rebound and went back up for a shot. Dukie Gerald Henderson decided it was time to deliver the forearm shiver to Hansbrough's nose, leaving it a bloody mess. Even more disturbing than the carnage was the comment by CBS's Billy Packer, known for his astute analysis [sarcasm implied], immediately absolving Henderson from any responsibility. Despite hundreds of replays, a few showing Henderson packing a sawed-off shotgun, Packer insisted the hit wasn't intentional.

If you haven't seen it, check it out here. Was Billy's monitor showing the same game? While Henderson was ejected and will miss at least one ACC tourney game, perhaps CBS should consider having Packer take a break from broadcasting a few games. At the very least, a trip to the optometrist would seam in order.

For more insight, read my neighbor Dustin reaction to the play-by-play.