I Have No Heart

It's been a rough day around the Carr household and cabin fever doesn't help. Then, I realize that I made a massive mistake. No, I didn't forget Valentine's Day.

I did, however, lose my Valentine's Card for Kelly.

I bought while in Danville, Illinois this past weekend. It was a stellar card, too. Somehow, between there and the house, the card has disappeared. And before you think that I'm covering my rear-end, my sister saw the card herself and can vouch.

But without a card, how will my wife every know how I feel about her?

How can she understand that she's my everything, that the past ten years have been the best of my life? Will she now not realize that I'm nothing without her? Is the fact that she's the most amazing wife and mother in the world lost forever? Will the reality that even after all these years my heart skips a beat when I see her smile ever be made known?

I could really use that card. Maybe I can give her a piece of Juicy-Fruit instead.

If I were my father, I'd have boxes of Esther Price stashed around the house and wouldn't have to deal with this. He's a genius.