White Out

In the winter, when all the leaves are off the trees, we can catch a glimpse of Interstate 71. At 10:50pm, it's still bumper to bumper heading into the Lytle Tunnel. That's a lot of snow in a little time. All over the news tonight people were complaining that road crews didn't get the snow up long enough. When did they have the time to get it done? An inch a snow an hour is a ton, especially when the roads are littered with cars.

I heard someone from Chicago today mentioning that Cincinnatians don't know how to get around in the snow. Considering that the Windy City has a rather intricate train system that doesn't slow down when it snows, it's not an apt illustration. I've heard similar crap from people from Indianapolis. I just wish people would stop bashing the 'Nati and think objectively: we're an extremely hilly city dependent on motor vehicle transportation. Snow slows the city down. Get over it.

When this much snow falls during rush hour, expect the delays and suck it up.