No School Today

I love how this city gets into snow mode. We're 24 hours away from a predicted winter storm and everything is already shutting down. Notice that we're still not sure exactly how it will all unfold, but cancellings and delays are out in full force. Fortunately, when it comes to forecasting, Cincinnati weathermen are never mistaken. Sidebar: still miss ya, Rich Apuzzo. Any-hoo, checking my blog stats tonight I discovered that four people today found Beit Carr by Googling "school cancelings Wisconsin." In December of 2005 I used all three of those words in various posts. It's the only response that Google lists.

Embarrassingly, I guess I misspelled "cancelling," so I only attract those Wisconsinites who are either bad spellers or poor typers. Most likely, they're school kids so confused that they still have to go to school with three feet of snow on the ground that they inadvertently omit the second "L."

So to you kiddies who made your way to my corner of cyberspace because you can't spell: welcome. I'm pretty sure you'll have school today. My advice: move to Cincinnati. Most of our districts shut down at the mere hint of a snowflake.

Oh, and the Badgers suck. Yeah: insult+injury.